Friday, July 22, 2011


So my Galiolous bloomed this week!

They have the most beautiful color for a flower! I love them. My Mexican Day Lily should bloom in the next couple of days. It just might fully bloom tomorrow! It Is the yellow one in the front of the picture. I love my garden:)

So, there was a fire on our street today. Our street raps around and the house that caught fire was at the end off the street behind my little brothers friends house. We all thought it was their house but it thankfully was not. Sadly it was the house of a retired couple who had one of their children with their family living with them. The car they were driving a little before the fire happened was starting to over heat so they went home and parked it in the garage where it exploded after being home for a while! The fire cause the two rooms about the garage and attic and then the kitchen. We walked over to the house and offered to help them get supplies that they would need for the next little while. A lot of the other neighbors are going to help out too! I am so glad that the family was able to get out of the house and get to safety.

I am so happy with my hair right now. It is getting so long!:) I love my hair, not as much as I love my garden, but ya...I love my hair:)

So I didn't go to my interview that I had talked about before. The morning of, I got a call from a member of our ward and she wanted to know if I would like a job as a full time nanny. First off, the job that the interview was for was part time and would give me from 5 to 40 hours a week. So they would have to be busy for me to get good hours. Second, the job would only happen if I was lucky(there were about 300 other people who I was going up against). So I prayed about it to find out what I should do. I ended up saying yes to the nanny job and cancelled the interview. So now I have a job and I start in august!! I am so excited:)!!! I have some time to do whatever before I start so I have been as productive as I can be for the last couple of days. I am one very happy person right now.

P.S. My birthday is in 8 days!!! The big 1-9. My last year as a "Teen":)

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