Monday, July 18, 2011

My garden. (And other things)

So about three days ago my first Rain Lily bloomed!!! I didn't even see it until I had watered a bunch of my other flowers. Here it is!!

So I am really exited to have more flowers in my little collection of bulbs and seed plants!!
I cant wait until my Gladiolus' bloom! I believe that they will bloom either tomorrow or the next day.My neighbor gave me some bulbs and flower seeds and a plant! I got 2 different lilly plant seeds Martagon Hybrids in red and orange with brown spots. A Spider plant, a  bunch of Crocosmia bulbs that had some blooms already on them, three onion bulbs(non-edible) that will have a purple flower that should bloom sometime at the end of Summer or the beginning of Fall, He also gave me a plant that I forgot the name of. I am so excited to see my garden expand! I Love flowers so much. I think I will take flower seeds and bulbs over a diamond ring:) My marigolds came back in one part of the container they are in! I am happy to know they are back. I hope my Lilly of the Valley will grow next year. It didn't grow this year but I am not going to give up hope for it(It could grow next year if I take care of it right. Right?)    

I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon!!! I really REALLY hope I get the job!:) I would be going back and forth between two positions at the store. I really need a job so I am hoping and praying I will get it! Wish me luck:)

I went to two wedding receptions this past weekend. They were for a friend and my cousin. One was set up in a really big room with the whole space decorated and the second was in a small space but was really well decorated. They were so pretty and lovely. I loved them both. The first was really decked out and the second was more simple and had very little to it,  but they were both so beautiful!! I am going to be going to another reception this weekend and the theme is A Summer Picnic. I am excited to see what it will be like. The grooms mother was telling us about how little they did for the reception. The week after that Is my birthday!!! The big 19!! My last year as a "Teen." I cant believe I will be twenty next year!! Scary stuff right there! :o

I forgot to blog about my Vintage Yellow Velvet Cake. It was supposed to be Red Velvet but we had no red food colouring. Here is the batter and the finished product (in cupcake version).

 It was so yummy. I loved the colour!( Yes, I spell colour funny!:) I got it from my Canadian mommy!) The yellow was so pretty. I used the whole bottle to get it that colour! My family couldn't wait to have one! Cake never lasts in my house. Especially homemade cake from scratch!:) It was delicious! 

So I have never been on a date before and I have 12 days to hurry up and go on a date before my 19th. I would like to have been on a date before then but I highly doubt I will go out before then. If I can't go out before my B-day this year I REALLY hope that I will at least by the end of this year! I don't want to hit 20 and still be able to say that I have never been on a date. That would be very awful. I got my first kiss this year. (It sucked. No... the guy sucked!!!--They both sucked--. I am pretty sure he just wanted to make out with me) When I found out that all he wanted to do was kiss me I practically ran away as fast as I could! I went straight to the temple and made up my mind to NEVER allow that to happen ever again!! He treated me like crap and I will never ever fall for something like that again. I will never allow someone to have such disrespect for me again and I will not lower my standards for an immature guy... EVER! The worst part is he said he was going to ask me out... but never did! I was like " Wow you have the gall to kiss me but don't have the courage to ask me out on a date?? What is this world coming to??!! Are girls never going to get married? I want to be a mommy but can't if all the guys are immature like this! Where are all the perfect guys hiding?? I need to scout them out for me and my girls friends. Then we wouldn't have to worry about the whole dating sucky guys thing! Ah, the world would be such a better place if we didn't have disrespectful immature guys around. So enough of my going on and on about what I think about guys of the world.

I am going to start my running tomorrow morning!! I think I will just jump straight to three miles a morning. I want to run at least 4 1/2 by my B-day. So I have to start soon if I want it to happen.

    Sarahboo <3

P.S. Sorry for all the blog shouting. I had to vent for once ( I never really do vent to people, so ya :] ) 

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