Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finally!!! Provo.

SO, I am finally on here!!!!! I have been waiting for something good to pop up. Not much to do, but I am having a blast here so far(when I have something to do that is). I have been having trouble getting to sleep before 3 in the morning:( So because of the fact I have been falling asleep so late I have been waking up really late too. I woke up around 12 today:(  I drew two pictures the first took ma a while then the second was more of a rough draft of a little picture from my drawing book. I have two institute classes each week. Tuesdays and Thursdays. I didn't catch the names of either but that doesn't matter because they are really good. I am not going to lie there are some pretty hot guys here! Some people say they are average but from what I see there are some REALLY good looking guys here. One was making melt inside because he just kept playing with a little girl as if she was his little sister. He is so cute, and tall too! Ah I was looking at the guys from different wards and not to be mean but the girls in those wards have it pretty bad. I got all the good looking ones in my ward!(Ha!) ;) So let me start at the beginning of the whole move....

First. Plan ahead because I left a few things that I really wouldn't mind having with me right now( my marble pastry board, cookie sheets, all my scrubs) The drive was long. It took what seemed like forever to get here. Now it seemed like it wasn't long enough. Thank heavens for food! We were starving and had to wait till we could find a good place to stop. Driving threw Nevada we thought we would find some good places(not the case at all) We stopped at a Burger King and they had no beef to serve because of broiler problems. I spotted a Raley's and we got some sandwiches there. They were ok, but not the best that I have had. We left and finally got to Provo around 1:45 am. We fell asleep at about 2 and then woke up for 8ish for the free continental breakfast, then fell asleep for about two hours while my mom got ready for the day and planned out what she wanted to do while we drove around that day(Thursday). We drove to my apartment and checked in. They front office had a glitch in their computer so the apartment they put me in was full(That place stunk to high heavens!). Oops! I called and went back in to change the key. I was placed in a better apartment, with no smell or nasty fish bowl that looked like it hadn't been cleaned in forever(Thank goodness!) After we brought all my stuff in, I grabbed my clothes for job hunting. I pressed them and we headed out! We stopped at a few places then went for dinner after. Later that night my mom said that she felt like I will get a job with one of the places but I just have to wait for now. Still waiting....

The next day we ate and got all ready for walking around BYU. It took a while to find a place to park. I think a bunch of students park in the visitors parking:(  We walked in and looked around the Music building. Then we headed over to the Cougar Eat for lunch with one of my mom's friends. It was fun. we all got our food then just sat and talked about life and things around Provo. She told me that if I ever need anything to message her via Facebook. I think that it is funny that I will be more likely to get in contact with her via Facebook than phone. After lunch we went to the motel and did really nothing for a while. I slept for a few hours. Then my mom and I went shopping for food for me! I thought the cost would be way higher but, I was proven wrong. The taxes in Utah are so much lower than in Cali. If I had bought the same stuff in Cali it would have been at least 30$+ for the whole lot. We dropped them off at my apartment and I got to show my mom how much room one of my roommates takes up in the fridge. I have one shelf. Nothing of mine is on the door and I have a small spot in the freezer on the door, but that is all I have very little room in there and to top   it off the one who takes up all the room will put her stuff on my shelf. Big no-no in my books. One doesn't simply take up the whole fridge, then use someone else's space because that have more food than they need. Ever. I always clean up after my self but this girl wont even wipe down the counter tops. How, lame. I am not one to be ok with this kind of crap in a shared living space that I am paying for so I have to keep my cool by walking away. She Doesn't care to ask me if it is ok to use my stuff. This afternoon I walked into the kitchen and found some of my paper towel in the sink. Never take my stuff and expect me to stay calm about it. I purposely put MY paper towel on my kitchen box so no one would touch it and she still used it. How do I know one may ask? I keep a bag on the floor for my trash because not even a day after I took the trash out the whole garbage can was completely full. Not cool. So I have a bag for my trash. I Haven't put any of my trash in the shared can to see if any of my stuff would be used. After they left(Her and Her boyfriend). I walked by the trash to see my paper towel in it! I lifted the lid up and found more of my paper towels in it!!! When I noticed the paper towel in the sink I walked around the counter to where my food and kitchen box is and placed the paper towel roll in a way that I would know if they had touched it later on. It had been. I was so ticked off! Like you can't even begin to fathom my disappointment when I discovered this. I wrote a note asking her to please ask if she wanted to use my stuff then told her if she wanted paper towel so badly she should buy her own and not steal mine. Now I know what you're thinking! This girl is over the top about paper towel! No. I am not. I am simply standing my ground when it comes to My personal belongings. If you want something please, don't steal from your neighbors, buy your own. Not a fun surprise for anyone at all.

So, after we dropped my food off we went out for dinner to random places. I wanted Noodles and Company and Brenton wanted Panda Express and My mom was ok with whatever. The next day we shopped for my cleaning stuff and some cooking stuff too. I don't remember what we did that day after shopping. I think we went to BYU for a few books for my mom's school classes. I was way to tired to remember.

Saturday, the last day with my mom and Haley and Brenton was spent in Salt Lake. We went to Distribution and I got a bunch of pictures for my walls. My mom got some stuff for Primary and Brenton got a magazine. After that we went to Temple Square and walked around and went inside the Visitors Center and another building then we randomly were really hungry so we looked around for a place to eat and found out that the mall was closed for construction:( So no food court. We stopped at a place for dinner(I am totally spacing on the name right now) and then met up with a  friend who served a good part of miss mission in our ward and his wife. It was fun! After that we stopped off at one of my mother's old friends house. We lived in that ward she is still in when I was born. S my mom was able to talk for a long time( I slept. It was lovely!) and then I started to mess with Brenton and then was good for a while. Haley and Her man friend drove up to Salt lake and we got a place to stay the night for them and after sitting in the room waiting for it to warm up my mom said that she would rather drive through the night that stay there. So she got her money back, The lady at the front counter was not happy at all! I went back to Provo with David after hugging my mom, Haley and Brenton goodbye and letting a few tears fall. It was scary going out on my own for the first time. I got to my apartment had a really good sleep and woke up, ate and got ready for my first day of church on my own. It was fun! I saw a few cute guys there. That night Amanda my roommate went to a friends house then our Home Teacher came over. He is so sweet! He sat there and listened to all I had to say for like 30+ minutes, and the bonus is, that he is really cute! He has really pretty blue eyes. After we talked, Amanda got back and I changed for Ward prayer. I have never had that before. I loved it! Then we went to one of Amanda's friends house watched a movie then after 12 went out for Mexican food! I got Flan! I hadn't had any since Cancun. It was yummy:) Then we got back and I passed out from being so tired. I had a good sleep.

I had my first FHE on monday last week. It was really good! Tuesday I had institute then watched tv for the rest of the night. Wednesday I really didn't do much. I walked around BYU for a few hours and talked to my best cousin Sierra then I went back to my apartment because my phone almost died on me. I ate and watched some tv then off to bed. Thursday I used the gym in the complex, had institute and then messed around on my laptop before bed. Friday I went to lunch with my awesome Home Teacher at Firehouse Subs. It was so yummy! We sat there, ate and talked for a couple of hours. It was fun! I never really get to just talk to people about random things. I loved it! We talked about food, movies, books, nasty bugs and injuries we had over the years. I had a really good time:)

Saturday I  went to Denny's to see if I could get some change for my laundry card. I ordered my food ate and then when I was paying I asked for cash back and the guy was like" Sorry, we don't give cash back." In my mind I was like "I wouldn't doubt that this is the only Denny's In the world that doesn't give cash back" Every one I have ever been too gave cash back but not this one. But it's all good I got some cash on Monday from when I went shopping for some meat( I was craving hotdogs. I know, random.)

I over slept on Sunday and didn't get to listen to the first session of Stake Conference but it was ok. Then we went back to our complex and after I got my coat we went to the second session. It was really good! I really enjoyed it! FHE from this week was fun! We went ice skating. It was a blast! I really had fun. Yesterday I had institute. It was good and I did my laundry for the first time. It was weird seeing old washers again.

Today was nothing special. Just ate and draw some pictures then blog about random things from my life.
Now that I have vented about my time here I will get off.