Saturday, August 13, 2011

A long post....very long.

Ok, I have lacked getting on here to post about my last few weeks. Not good, I know. So here is a little run down of the past few weeks just to get you all started. I met an awesome guy at church a few weeks ago! I had an awesome birthday. I loved the YSA conference. I have the best cousin ever! I love the Rocklin YSA ward. I finally got a job. I really want to learn as much as I can before I get married. I am excited for winter. I want to do a TON of crafts for winter and for family and friends. I love my garden! Photo shoot with my little sis(Finally!) -Breath.- Here we go!

So the Sunday before my last post I met an awesome guy! He was such a gentleman! He is strong too! I found out when I shook his hand. Yep, very strong. As I walked to the door to leave 10 minutes later I heard him say from behind me "Let me get that for you"(the door that is) And for some dumb reason I jumped to the door first and opened it for myself. Lame right! Then as he was still holding the door open I kinda said  "Oops, next time" then giggled:(. I feel like such a loser for that! I should have let the door close and walked through the door which he was still holding open for me! Ah so lame, I feel awful! I am never going to get married to anyone if I have a repeat of that. He was so sweet and Jumped to the door to open it for me and I didn't even think twice:(. So ya lame. He came to FHE. Ya, he has a very lovely laugh...just saying.

My birthday was awesome! I woke up had my little sister tell me happy birthday and give me my gifts to start the day off. I got a tube pillow that has rainbow zebra/cheetah print fabric. I also got a lanyard for my keys, it has a pretty blue polka dot shoe on the cord base. I also got a huge bottle of Olive Oil from my dad and some cliff bars. I know what you're thinking! Olive Oil? Yes. Because I Love to cook! as previously mentioned in earlier posts. Me and my parent's went to Elephant bar for dinner where we got Calamari and salad for dinner. I got a special treat for desert. A blueberry apple crumble. All I have to say is that I might have to work at elephant bar to get that amazing recipe. It was so yummy! After dinner we picked up my older sister to go to a wedding reception(Yes, another reception). It was fun! The reception took place in the bride's parent's back yard. I loved all the flowers! So many beautiful flowers all around. The cake was good. There was a lot of fruit. Yummy fruit too! The bride's dress was very pretty. It was fun. Then we headed back home to celebrate my big day with my family. My sister's made me a red velvet cake! It was yummy but didn't have a lot of chocolate in it. It was still good though. To end my day I watched Brian Regan and some other comedians to have a little laugh. I was up till past 12 laughing my head off. My mother didn't enjoy the loud laughing that was coming from down the stairs. So I tried my best to keep quiet( that didn't last long). Then my dad came home from grocery shopping so I helped then went to my room to get ready for bed. After about 20 minutes of listening to my ipod, I turned it off and five minutes later a spider wanted to commit suicide in my room by dive bombing me in my almost sleep. I swat it off my arm to the floor. It landed in the magazines that were on the floor. I sadly didn't find it till a couple of days later-squished between Victoria and Oxygen magazine. Church the next day was fun! A good lesson in Relief Society.

The YSA conference was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed it. There was a service activity on Saturday which I did with some other girls. We tied quilts! I loved it! I stabbed my fingers so many times. They didn't really bug me until I got myself in the thumb. Ouch. This guy asked me out on Friday and I am pretty sure I only said yes to be nice:( I need to be less nice with certain things. Like dating. Don't say yes just to be nice. Ever!!! After the movies on Friday a bunch of people went to Mels. I had fun. We took up two whole corners( the waitress asked  the couple that was sitting on one side of the booth to move for us. I was tricky being around all the milk shakes. I so wanted to just grab one a inhale it. I had not had ice cream in a while so I was ready to steal from someone. It's ok now. I am over the ice cream. The YSA's that were at Mels are so funny! I haven't laughed so much from friends being random in a while. It was nice to be around people who have the same standards as me! The fireside on Sunday was really funny! Well the speakers were. The really awesome guy was there. He was standing right by me talking to a guy and I didn't even say Hi. I kinda chickened out a bit that night. Stupid nerves:(

My amazing cousin bought me/ my mother/ my sister a Cricket! I keep messing around with it. It is a lot of fun and I can't wait to get more cartridges for it! I guessed before she gave it to me that it was one. Don't believe me? Ask my Mother! She will tell you I am not lying. The night she gave it to me, we hung out looking at different blogs for wedding ideas. It was a lot of fun even if we didn't really talk. I love my cousin! Like A Lot!!! :)

I have been attending my cousins YSA ward for almost a year now( next week will be one year). I love it! I have made so many amazing people and gained so many superb friends. It is awesome! the leaders are awesome and so are the YSA's that go. It is fun to go to the same ward as my cousin and scout out our perfect Nephi's(Prince charming's). I really enjoy the ward. And I am not going to lie, there are some REALLY handsome men in that ward! Ya, a lot of them.

We have known a family since we moved here to California from Utah and the Father of the family is a Dentist. He offered me a job. And oh how excited I was when I read the message. It isn't full time but  it is still working. I will get as many hours as I need to get my RDA. I am so Excited! I start on Monday morning. Woo hoo! Finally a job in a Dental office. And a office that I know will be fun to work in! So ya, I am really happy right now.

So for schooling I am going to take one class at the local college just to do something with my time outside of work. While I work and take my class I want to learn as much as I possibly can at home. I will pick a subject for the week and read all about it. I want to do this to help me keep learning before marriage and little ones come into the picture. I am excited to start learning more!(Nerd? Yes!)

I love winter. Why you may ask? Let me tell you of a few things that make me love Winter. Snow. Christmas trees. Family. Soup. Gifts(for myself and others). The cold weather. Long sleeve shirts. Blankets. Hot chocolate(Of course!). Rain. Serving others. Last but very much not least. The Saviors birth. I love everything about winter but I love being able to celebrate the saviors birth. Teaching and learning all about My Savior! Who doesn't love Christmas. Ooh and I love singing Christmas songs!

So, I love crafts! Like almost as much as I love my garden and my hair! Making things with my hands is so much fun and I really enjoy being productive like that. I want to make little crafts for everyone! I love sewing so I think I might end up with a ton of Christmas and winter pillows, blankets, table runners and whatever else I can think of.

My sister and I did a little photo shoot yesterday. I was like 10 minutes long. I loved it. We dressed up into dresses and did hair and makeup. After the shoot I messed around with one of my pictures on Gimp 2. It turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Here it is. I just messed with the brightness and contrast.

My California Fusia bloomed yesterday! I love it! So pretty and I cant wait till it gets bigger. I love my garden.:)

So to end my really long blog post I will inform you that I am really enjoying my life right now. I hope you all are enjoying yours as much as I am!

    Sarah Boo <3

P.S. I am going to go cook something for desert!