Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Day!

So my dad fixed the backyard fence and had a lot of extra fence boards left over and said that I could make a compost bin with them. Today I made the bin. It has no top or bottom. It has awesome little handles on 2 sides for lifting it when you need to turn the compost. I was all sweaty after I finished but I was way to happy to have a compost bin to care about being sweaty. So excited to have it!

                                                                             Here it is!

It is so cool! It is made from red wood fence boards. Took like 30 minutes to build from scratch. I added the bags of fruit and veggie scraps to it and cant wait to see them turn to compost for the family garden we are going to start!

I decided I NEED to get back into running. I have to keep myself going before I turn into a lazy butt. I love to run and one day would like to run the Boston Marathon. I think that would be grand. My aunt Nancy has run it a couple of times. I want to also do the Tough Mudder. I think that those would be the best long term goals for my running plan. I will start with some local runs then work my way up the running ladder.

I got some Ginger and a Spaghetti squash from the store along with some flavored tofu to start incorporating into my diet. I really want to eat better. Less meat and sugar and no more store bought crap or fast food( I rarely eat fast food though:) ) If I am going to be running I NEED to eat better! I need to know how to cook better for me and my future family, I don't want chubby kids(chubby babies are ok though:D )


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