Thursday, July 28, 2011


So a couple of days ago I made some biscuits. I have to say....... they were awesome!!!  Here they are.

Aren't they just the cutest things ever!! They were so yummy too! A little honey and some vegan butter, oh yes:)
They are so easy and quick to make. Really simple too. I am glad I have another recipe to add to my cookbook!

I follow this blog called Eye it Try it. It is awesome! Pure homemade healthy goodness. You can find it here
I made the  CCCCP. It is a cookie pie. I won't suggest it for people who don't like healthy food. It has chickpeas in it, like a lot of them (2 cans worth.) It was really yummy to me. I have a taste for natural and healthy food and apparently not a lot of people do. If you do. Try the CCCCP. If you don't, don't waste your money or time. My little sisters didn't like it(except the chocolate chips, which they picked out). Surprisingly though, my little brother did, but then again he will eat anything you put in front of him. This is what My CCCCP looked like fresh out of the oven.

Looks good right? Maybe only to some of you. Its all good though. I loved it! I need to make a cake. I haven't made one in forever(like two months)! I want to make a cake that is healthier than what I normally make. I can't wait to cook more food from the blog. I really want to eat way better than I normally do. I have a love for pesto right now. I love that green goodness to death at the moment. If you haven't had it I recommend you try it! I want to make some at home. Like a really big batch of it. I love food! Like way to much. If i didn't exercise, I would be a hippo. A hungry hungry hippo.>:) I guess it is not that bad to love food. Right? I mean, everything gets eaten. Its food so it shouldn't be that bad to love. Hmm. 

Any who..... I love my garden! I love life! I love The Church! I love The Mormon Tabernacle Choir! I love to do crafts! I love to exercise! I love my family! I love my friends! I love everything! No matter how bad life gets, it will always get better. Why you ask? Because I am a Daughter of God and there is a plan set up for me and all my family and friends and all the people I have never met and will probably never meet. I will be sealed to the Man I love for time and all eternity. I will have people to spend forever with. I will be the happiest ever after this life. So no matter how bad it gets here, I know my happiness with be ten fold in the next life. I am a Daughter of God and I am happy with my life.  

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