Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My year so far.

So, because I haven't blogged since the beginning of January and its now the end of February I might as well tell you all what has happened so far this year.

-I got almost all of the classes I wanted for school.
-I am taking Public Speaking, Sociology, Aerobics, Weight Training and a D&C Institute class.
-I am really enjoying my classes, they are fun. Also, I am really lucky have a Priesthood holder in almost all of them!!
-I applied for a job, but didn't get it. That's ok, I will look somewhere else.
-I had my first speech in public speaking. I was a little nervous, but was ok in the end.
-I applied for my very own checking and savings account!! I am a big girl now:)

-I went to Lake Tahoe for the Presidents day break with my family. We were invited to go to my awesome cousins cabin with them. It was a lot of fun and really cool to be able to spend a weekend with my cousins.

-I went to church while in Tahoe. It was a really good experience to be able to go to a Spanish/English  branch.
-My awesome cousin and aunt took me and my sister shopping. It was a blast!
-I met a bunch of really cute guys/men at school and church and they are all RMs. Some of them are the    coolest dudes around.
I- have become really close to my cousin in the past two months. Which I am really grateful for.

So this is my year so least what I can remember right now.