Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life since my last April.

Hmm. Maybe my goal of blogging often was a bit of stretch. The last post I had was from April. It is now the end of August. So since I have not put anything on here since then I will give a rundown of some of what has happened since then, that is if I can remember any of it.

I got braces! Finally! I have about a year left then I will have the smile I have always wanted. So grateful for the opportunity to straighten out my teeth and open my bite. So now I don't bite my tongue and I can eat corn and not have to worry about it getting stuck in my teeth( now it is my braces that the little corn hairs get stuck in).

I rode a train across Nevada all by myself! I went home and had a great time. I had about a week before we left for Canada to see my Grandparent's and travel around a bit. We went to the Calgary Stampede and had a blast. I was super cranky and tired and kinda freaked out a bit at my family. I had been away from them for so long that I basically forgot how to interact with them. It was a very hard day for me. We went to Drumheller for the Royal Tyrrall Museum( Dinosaurs) and had a lot of fun. The drive out was long but well worth it. We also went shopping at the mall and some of the outlet stores that were around. I got a lot more than I really needed to buy, but I use everything that I bought. Thank heavens. The Sunrise Leisure Center was as awesome as I remember it being. I lost a chunk of the top of my foot to a waters slide. A kiddy slide to be exact. Watch out for dry spots on slides, they will get you when least expect it.

After I got home not much happened. Ooh before my trip I got to hike the "Y". It was a lot of fun. I was somehow stuck between both groups though. Not fast enough for the first group but too fast for the stragglers.

I have been on a total of about 12 dates so far. That includes double dates. Sad day, I know. But it is fine, the last about 4 of those dates were really great. I am glad that they happened because of what I learned from them.

I still am working for the Dentist that hired me when I first moved out here. I really enjoy learning more about how dental offices run. Right now I am learning about insurance claims and how to check out patients. It is a lot of fun being in this office. I hope I will be able to work here for the whole time that I will be living here in Utah. I signed for a year at my complex so now I am stuck here( :D ) I am really enjoying being able to learn how to live on my own without anyone to really rely on. I have learned so much and hope to be able to learn a lot more in my time living on my own.

Right now I am saving up to get a plane ticket out to California for my little sister's baptism. I really hope that I can go. I found out when it will be kinda last minute, so I didn't really get any heads up on how much to save. If I cannot get a plane ticket I will search for an Amtrac ticket there and back and I will just have to take some time off work for it. I hope I can fly though. I would rather be on a plane for a little over an hour and have a lot of time with my family than be stuck on a train for 15 hours and have very limited time with them. If I am not able to go out there I will be getting my tickets for Christmas. I will not miss Christmas with my family.

Um, I can't think of anything else that has happened or that is coming up. So this will end my post for tonight.
Have a good last couple of August 2012 days before September comes.

-Sarah <3