Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ah, the stresses of going back to school(In other words, an essay...).

I started school at the local community college the month. I was so excited to go back to school, but now it has faded a little bit. Sadly I have no drive for school right now. Even after a run I kind of want to quit. I lost my motivation for school. Added to that I have probably one of the most stressful jobs right now. I was trained for a little over three weeks on how to run the business and be able to work by myself but in all the training I was never able to run through everything all at once to get myself into the flow of what my job entails. This week I have to take everything I know and put it all together on my own with my boss at the other end of the state. Crazy, right? I also have school and another job to squeeze into the mess. So much all at once. Never have I had to deal with this kind of stress. When I was living on  my own I didn't have any kind of stress like this, and I was living a state away from my family without any family friends near by. Well I guess I will have to put on an extra pair of big girl panties and charge right ahead.

Other than school and work my life has been pretty good. I sadly am four months behind on my braces treatment. I have two appointments for two different Ortho offices to see which office can offer me the best deal but also finish my treatment how I would like. My insurance does not cover braces after 19 years old. I am turning 21 in five months. I missed that boat by quite a few months. If I am able to finish my treatment on schedule I will have them off before the new year! I would love to get them off by then, if not starting the new year with getting them off will be fine.

So, school wise I am hoping to be able to transfer somewhere in state for a degree in Nutrition. I hope that I am able to get into a university before I get married but if not, I believe that it would be an adventure for my husband and I to start our lives out with. I would like to be able to go to school down south around the LA area. I love food and I have a feeling that being close to all the independent restaurants and food trucks so I can explore what our state has to offer for our health and well being. I love to run and don't want to fall into bad habits and become unhealthy so finding out what there is to eat outside of my home while going to school for a degree in Nutrition would be grand.

Sorry for the essay. I have not been on here in a while and just wanted to update you all with what is up in my world right now.

I can officially say that I lived in Provo, Utah and did not end up getting married. It was a wonderful experience to be able to live on my own for a while. I made some amazing friends and got to learn a lot about life. I loved my roommates. They taught me so much. I do not think that I would have been able to learn what I did while living at home. I had a wonderful calling in the ward that I was in. I was able to go to the Temple every month. I went on some great dates and had a blast at my ward parties and activities. Sadly I was unable to stay for longer than nine months but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I was able to take time off from work and travel by train back to California to spend time with my family and then head off with them to Canada to spend a week with my mother's parents. While there we went to the Calgary Stampede and then go to the Royal Tyrall Dinosaur Museum. We were able to go Five Pin Bowling while there. After bowling, Haley her friend Anne and I were able to check out the local city shops for clothes. We were unable to find anything to buy, but we loved the shops and little cafe's that were along the way. We took the bus back and were able to spend some time talking and catching up on what had been gong on since we were last in Canada. It was great to be able to just talk and enjoy the view of the city while we drove home. We also went to the mall while we were in Calgary. Shopping in another country is so much more fun that shopping at the local mall( believe me, I was trying to find some clothes here. Didn't work out so well). I was in love with more than half of the clothes that were there. I wish that I was able to afford all the clothes that we saw.

Again, sorry for the essay.

Random thought. In 5 months and a few days I will be 21! do whatever Mormon's do at 21.