Friday, June 21, 2013

Our garden!

My dad has wanted to start a garden for a while now and this year we finally started one! We have corn, green beans, strawberries, cucumber, squash, 4 types of tomatoes, basil, watermelon and about 6 different types of lettuce. Here are some pictures of the garden.

These pictures are just about a week old. Some of the corn plants are taller than me! Don't mind my toes in the fourth picture. I was able to make a vegan pesto with the basil that we grew. This is what it looked like.

Pretty huh? It is a very light pesto because it does not have any parmesan cheese in it so my mom can eat it too. I picked some of the veggies two days ago and this is what I ended up with.

My mother, sisters and I took a drive to look for sticks on a nature walk. My mom wanted to use them for some crafts that she had planned. While we were driving I noticed a banner for a farmers market in Forest Hill. I may have begged a little(a lot) to go. We were able to see a little of what some of the locals had to offer. Not a lot of farmers were there. There were more people with handmade items. I was able to try some really yummy fig balsamic vinegar at the first stand. The market was small but nice for how far out of the way the town is.I want to head over to the Auburn Farmers market one of these days. It is supposed to be one of the best here in the Sacramento area. We have a farmers market by our mall on Saturday mornings that I want to check out. I would like to find someone who sells raw honey. Raw honey on a PB sandwich is the best. So sweet and creamy. 

Since my life has not been crazy enough to post on here and that it is too late to think. I will just end this post now. I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our garden. Don't worry I will have a long post about random this from my life sometime before next week comes along.


P.S. Should I start a food blog for all the new recipes I will be trying this Summer/Fall? Let me know in the comments section what you think.