Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year!!

Eek! It is already 2012. It is scary that last year went by so fast. I am so excited for this next year! I am going to be moving out the end of this month! Utah here I come(well in a couple weeks that is)! I really like the gifts I got for Christmas. Here they are! 

I am addicted to that hat!!

Look at how nice the spoon is!! There is also tupperwear on the top of the crockpot box. the little box is a tea ball for soups, stews and anything else(like dusting cakes and cookies with powdered sugar).

I bought the trunk and a Pilates ball and weighted balls for myself:)

This is just a short post for now. I hope to get back on here tomorrow night after work.

Love, Sarahboo:)

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