Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Big Move!

Tomorrow is my last full day in Cali! It is very strange that it is time for me to move already. It has not hit me that I am moving yet. Maybe tomorrow? I made my bread today.

Super soft and yummy! I am going to make soup in the morning. So my list of things to do before I go looks a little like this.

-Pack the car.
-Make sure I have all my clothing, boots, jackets, blankets, food storage.
-Go to bank to transfer the money I will need when I get there to my checking.
-Shower and make sure I have the clothes I will wear the first week packed in my little suitcase.
-Wash all my laundry.
-Do taxes with my sister.
-Make a list of all the dental offices around my apartment for job hunting.
-Make a list of all the meals I will be cooking the first two weeks.
-Take individual pictures with all my siblings and a family picture.
-Make chicken soup and Lion House Dinner Rolls.
-Shop for the food we are taking on the road.
-Cash my last pay check.

I know, super long list. I should be able to get almost all of it done in the morning. I was going to update a few weeks ago about my New Year and what has been going on this past month but, I got super busy and was not able to. :( 

Here is my pile of packed things from my room. I know, a Lot of stuff.

See my awesome boots!

I had my last day at work this past Friday. It was sad. I learned so much from working there! Dr. Black is probably the best Dentist I have ever known. I loved working with the girls there. I learned so much more than I thought I would in such a short time. Tiffany=Best RDA I know. I always loved coming into work. I had a blast. Traci made me laugh so many times, she is awesome. The crazy patients, long breaks between appointments, lots of chocolate and times I thought I would blow up from running around so much were so worth it. I am so glad I was able to work there.

I had my last day at the singles ward last week. I was sad. Sad that I wouldn't see all of my friends for a while. Sad because I wouldn't see my amazing cousin every week. Just sad because I love that ward! All the random conversations and awkward moments were so fun. One thing I am happy about is that because I am moving I will be able to be a real member of my new ward. I was not a member of that singles ward because I was not in the boundaries. I am happy to be in a new ward soon so I can make new friends, have random conversations, have awkward moments, meet new guys:), and be able to have a calling! I didn't have a calling in that ward. I was really sad that I didn't have one or even a visiting teacher. I didn't get a visiting teacher in my ward until this past October. I am happy to be starting a new life out in Ut. I am exited for the chance to learn about life on my own. I am happy to be able to make food and not have it disappear because of my little siblings. I will finally have my own room!!!! So happy about that one.

Oh random little blurb. My dad needed to take a trailer full of junk to the dump and I went with him. For some odd reason I wore my new Nike runners there. Let me just fill your mind with what is at the dump. All the dump trucks take everything from your house, the crazy neighbors house and everyone else's home and empties the trucks onto the side of this big huge pit(Landfill). I stepped in a dirty diaper while trying not to get dumped on by any of the hundreds of bird that were there(I am so afraid of birds. Not even kidding). The smell is vile, There were kitchen bags falling apart on the ground, old clothes, -personal items- :p yuck, hair, old toys, broken everything you can think of and a ton of bird droppings all around. Not the place to be wearing 100$ shoes. Not at all.

Here is a a picture of were I was standing by our car.(Cleaner than where I was standing when throwing things on the ground)

I cant think of anything else to blog about.
I am off to bed.
I will try to update this right after I get to UT.

Sweet dreams:)
Saraboo XOXO