Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I love Fall/Winter!! I decided about two years ago that I wasn't going to celebrate halloween anymore. Some people say that it is retarded. Halloween has never be and will never be a holiday that you can really feel the spirit on. I do not like the idea of walking around with a mask on scaring people. It makes me uncomfortable having some one dress as a vampire or Chucky or wearing contacts that scare little kids. There are so many more costumes they bother me. Stores full of evil masks and inappropriate outfits are not my thing.
I prefer the change of colors, the cooking, the smell of rain and so many other things!

I bought myself some long sleeve shirts from Target! I love them so much:)

So my sister and I decided that the nasty stripes that we had painted on the walls in our bedroom about 5 years ago. We went with a simple grey-ish white. We had to prime the walls with two coats of Kills sealer/primer before the color could go on. I came home from work on monday and shelby had finished all but the window frame without me. I love our room now! Simple and clean:) We also took the pop corn texture off the ceiling. That stuff sucks. A lot. We also decided to keep the walls clean and simple with our pictures.

What it looked like before and after.

So we were able to cover almost all of the stains. The weird coloured splotches on the walls is putty to fill the holes.  There was one stain that was still pretty obvious in the corner next to Shelby's bed. Even though the stain is there we are still very happy with the results:)
(The grey dot in all the pictures is a smudge on the camera lens)

Here are the pictures of the walls by our beds. My wall has the boat. Shelby's is the other one:)

After conference my family and I(plus David) went for a hike. This was the view we had! I loved it!

I just have to say......I LOVE TO COOK!!!!

See my lovely BBQed chicken legs!(I promise the black is sauce) 

Work is lovely right now, I am learning a lot!
 I love the Temple! I love the Scriptures! 
I really enjoy reading my Patriarchal blessing. 
I am excited to get married in the Temple in the future. 
Oh the blessings that will come(-Hot man all for me-*cough**cough*) + 
A family of my own( Babies!!!!)+
Time and All Eternity= All mine(Yay!)  

Where I am going to be sealed!
Isn't it beautiful!

Ok. I am done....For now>:^)

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