Saturday, September 24, 2011

Relief Society Broadcast

Today was the General Relief Society broadcast. About an hour ago actually. It was really good. Elder Uchtdorf  used forget-me-nots in His talk. My mom asked me if I had any in my garden. I was not sure if I had any so I told her I would check when we got home. We stopped off at Panda Express after because the dinner before the broadcast was salad and baked potato's and a brownie with ice cream(I got mine without the ice cream). We left and felt hungry still. So before we had left the parking lot we made up our minds to go to Panda. It was marvelous if I do say so myself. When we got home I checked to see if the little blue flowers I had in my garden were forget-me-nots. They are! I am happy to know what kind of flower the little guys are:) I saw them bloom but I didn't know what they were until now. Here is the picture I took of them.

I had to hold them because of the wind. It was dark but I was still able to get a picture.  

I do not remember if I had blogged about my change of hair color and style. I bleached my hair then a couple of weeks after I cut it( Yes, I did it myself!). Here is the picture I took a few days later after I curled it!

It is a "sexy V shape" from what Krista said on the tutorial. You can find it here.
I love her hair I just have to say. :)

I made my Crepe Apple Crumble again! This one was really yummy:)

So I made this recipe myself. I heard of a Crepe Cake from a blog that I follow. It was In a post from a while ago but I thought to myself "hmm, maybe I can make something like it. The Crepe Cake Has  a frosting like filling between the Crepes. I really want to make a Crepe Cake with a frosting like the one from the blog. That would be yummy to try.

Ooh I bought three new movies! I got Pride and Prejudice, Music of the Heart and The Village. The Village came in a Triple pack with Signs and The Sixth Sense. I am excited to watch all of them! Ooh and I got the latest  Mary Jane's Farm and Martha Stewart magazine's! I love Mary Jane's Farm! It is such a good magazine. It is really helpful and full of gardening and cooking tips. 

So I think that this is all for my blog post today.

Have a happy sabbath!

Sarah <3 

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